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Remodeling Services

Shasar Tech is the best home remodeling company in Dubai. We pride ourselves on having world-leading designers, skilled craftsmen, and a professional approach – that is the secret to our success.

We operate one vision – to transform your ideas into reality. Our home renovation services promise top-notch quality, innovation, and durability. From a meticulous analysis of your space to a comprehensive implementation plan, our experts put in their best efforts and attention to detail to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in all phases.

Our Services


Outdoor Renovation

Quality renovation is critical to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property exteriors. Shasar Tech’s top-notch outdoor renovation services are highly affordable and guarantee long-lasting results. We use our creative expertise to innovate your outdoor spaces, ensuring that your home or commercial space makes a lasting impression on the viewers.


Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are a vital part of any space and should be maintained for the best looks and best functioning. Our experts carry out a detailed analysis of your bathroom spaces to propose new designs and additions.

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Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the most valuable part of any home or office. It is where you cook, and spend most of your time. Our kitchen renovation services include remodeling, repainting, restructuring, and renovating the entire space to make it the chicest, comfortable, and useful place. You can hire our experts to install new cabinets, and floor renovation, install new appliances, design renovation, and much more.


Home Extensions

Trends are constantly changing, and as it is important to update your wardrobe, you cannot ignore the significance of home remodeling. Whether it's about new floor installation, a new set of lighting, making the interiors more spacious, creating a new patio, carpentry work, electrical work, sanitary installation, or anything related, we have the right experts who can offer professional assistance in your apartment renovation Dubai projects.

title_shape_2Why Choosing Us

At Shasar Tech, we strive to surpass our customer’s needs by providing great value through our professional Remodeling Services in Dubai.

Comprehensive Services

We provide a comprehensive range of home remodeling services in Dubai that includes all kinds of interior and exterior renovations.

Turnkey Services

Our turnkey home remodeling services are value for money as our experts take the entire responsibility from design to implementation.


At Shasar Tech, we are committed to ensuring top-notch quality for every home renovation project. Our quality craftsmanship and reliable services can transform your illusionary visions into reality.


We have vast industry experience and ensure perfection in every project. Our skilled professionals use their unparalleled expertise to create masterpieces that can be of lifetime value.

Customer-Focused Approach

At Shasar Tech, we adopt a customer-focused approach by understanding client preferences, needs, and budget limitations. Our experts create a customized plan and deliver guaranteed outcomes.


Shasar Tech’s home remodeling services ensure the best quality, durability, professionalism, expert insights, and competitive pricing. Our innovative services will surely add greater value to your residential spaces by improving their price, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Moreover, our experts create customized plans for every client that reflect their requirements and budget limitations.

Home renovation project costs may vary for every client and depend on various factors such as the quality of material, project timeline, and complexity. For basic home remodeling in Dubai, you may expect to pay something between AED 125 to 200 per sq. meter. However, for a high-end home remodeling project you may have to pay more than AED 300 per sq. meter.

We believe in developing transparentYes, we can. Our experts work closely with you to understand your vision and requirements and create inspirational designs that will exceed your expectations. Our designs and services solely reflect your style and ideas. and long-term relationships with our customers. Our service rates are communicated to you before the visit which have no hidden charges.