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Shasar Tech is a leading Floor Repair Company in UAE specializing in professional domestic and commercial flooring services: floor cleaning, repair, restoration, and installation. 

We pride ourselves on having vast industry experience and professional skills to manage any flooring task of homes, workspaces, schools, malls, buildings, and industrial units. Our passion to add value to customers’ property drives our top-quality standards and market competitive rates. 

Our experts directly connect with the customers to understand their requirements, use their skills to choose the best flooring material, and ensure top-notch installation. Our floor repair service and floor maintenance services ensure high aesthetic appeal, best functionality, and enhanced property value.

Our Services

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Floor Installation Service

We offer all types of floor installation services including hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, carpeting, tiling, natural stone, and many more. Our customized floor installation services closely match client preferences and budgets.


Subfloor Preparation Service

Our floor installation services include subfloor preparation where our team cleans, levels, and prepares the old floor to set the foundations of the new flooring.


Damaged Floor Repair

We also provide floor maintenance service for damaged and worn-out residential and commercial floors. Our team is competent at fixing any marks, replacing broken or damaged tiles, or polishing the entire floor.


Floor Resurfacing and Refinishing

At Shasar Tech, we understand that wood flooring requires careful handling and regular maintenance. Our floor resurfacing and refinishing services help restore the floor’s original look and revamp your interiors.


Carpet Maintenance

Carpeted floors require regular cleaning and maintenance to eliminate dust, debris, contaminants, and stains. Our professional carpet cleaning services are top-rated for providing long-lasting outcomes.


Floor Restoration

Our floor restoration services include sanding, staining, and varnishing; everything to restore the floor’s originality and enhance aesthetic appeal. Our experts can also deal with grout or tile flooring issues such as cleaning, regrouting, and piece replacement. Whether it's marble, ceramic, porcelain, tile, or any other stone floor, we have the expertise for all.

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Floor Sealing and Polishing

Our floor sealing and polishing services help restore the original appearance and improve floor durability.


Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring installation and repair requires a trusted expert who can skillfully handle the material and process to ensure incredible outcomes.

title_shape_2Why Choosing Us

At Shasar Tech, we strive to surpass our customer’s needs by providing great value through our professional Flooring Services in Dubai.

Veteran Team

Shasar Tech has a qualified team of professionals who work passionately to ensure top-quality flooring repair, maintenance, and installation services.

World-Class Quality

At Shasar Tech, we are committed to ensuring top-notch quality by using world-class materials and innovative tools to ensure the best results.


We have a policy of training our team to acquaint them with the emerging trends and latest techniques in the flooring industry. This ensures our clients are 100% satisfied with our world-class services.


At Shasar Tech, we value our clients and understand that every project has distinct requirements, so we work meticulously to ensure that our client's needs are duly met.

Best Prices

While we maintain the highest quality standards, we ensure that our wide range of flooring services are available at market-competitive prices.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to our clients is reflected in our policy of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction through professionalism and workmanship.


Our professional floor cleaning services are highly beneficial as they help create a cleaner and healthier environment. Our experts work to remove all kinds of dirt, debris, and filth from the floors, hence improving indoor air quality. Hiring our regular floor maintenance services will help you retain the floor’s originality, save you from big damages, and secure your investment. Our eco-friendly cleaning services ensure a minimal impact on the environment.

Our flooring services vary depending on the service type, task specifics, space size, complexity, and time. Please connect with our support team for more info on flooring services.

The exact time of floor installation depends on the floor type and space. However, on average, the professional flooring installation of a single room may take up to 3 days.