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AC Repair & Installation

Shasar Tech is a trusted home maintenance service company that has been winning its customers through remarkable AC Servicing in Dubai. If you notice increased humidity indoors, unexpected rises in power supply bills, inadequate airflow, dripping water, or weird noises coming from your air conditioner, then you must hire a professional AC repair service. 

As the best AC Maintenance Company in Dubai, we offer a comprehensive range of Air Conditioning Services that include AC repair, AC maintenance, AC installation service, AC cleaning, dust cleaning, AC disinfection services, central AC system, and split AC services. 

Our Services

At Shasar Tech, we adopt a professional approach to our AC services to amaze our customers with the best outcomes. Our qualified technicians use their expertise to diagnose AC problems; we specialize in all types of AC repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our team proposes cost-effective, valuable, and long-lasting AC repair and maintenance solutions.


Thermostat Analysis

Proper thermostat functioning is critical to smooth AC operations. Our team ensures that the thermostat is installed in the right position (away from heat source), and is working in the best condition.


Cooling Efficiency

Our technicians carry out a complete cooling efficiency assessment to ensure the best functioning.

outdoor unit

AC Fan and Evaporator Inspection

We also check the evaporator coil for any blockages that might be hindering the AC fan’s functioning.

energy system

Electrical Connection Inspection

Safe electrical connections ensure safe AC operations, prevention from potential hazards, and prolonged AC lifespan.


Lubricating AC Parts

During AC inspection, our experts lubricate parts to minimize wear and tear and boost AC performance and durability.

drain cleaner

Drain Lines Cleaning

Professional cleaning of AC drain lines helps minimize the chance of water seepage that encourages contamination.


AC Filter Cleaning

Regular cleaning and replacement of AC filters are critical to efficient AC operations. So, our experts carefully inspect your HVAC filters to diagnose if they require cleaning or replacement.

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Airflow Balance Assessment

Our technicians ensure an airflow balance of your HVAC system for the best results.

title_shape_2Why Choosing Us

At Shasar Tech, we strive to surpass our customer’s needs by providing great value through our professional AC Repair & Installation Services in Dubai.

Prompt Services

Our dedicated team immediately responds to customer requests and performs the AC maintenance job in a short time to save customers time.

Certified Technicians

At Shasar Tech, we have certified AC technicians with vast experience, who can expertly perform the job.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With years of experience, our experts recommend highly cost-effective AC repair and maintenance solutions that will prevent future breakdowns.

Quality Guaranteed

At Shasar Tech, we have a policy of using genuine AC components for long-lasting results.


We provide a service warranty of three months to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Market-Leading Brands

We provide professional AC services for all market-leading brands.


Your AC warranty is for the parts replacement. However, regular inspection and maintenance by a professional will ensure smooth operation. You can claim the warranty in case of an HVAC system breakdown.

Hiring a professional AC maintenance service will save your electricity bills, ensure 95% performance efficiency, and safety from major breakdowns, improve heating and cooling, and increase lifespan.

The cost of our HVAC services varies; our team will provide you with the service rate list. The service rate depends on task type and complexity.

At Shasar Tech, we offer free AC inspection services to detect any repair or maintenance problems.