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AC Duct Cleaning

The weather in UAE demands regular use of HVAC systems, for which Shasar Tech’s reliable AC Duct Cleaning Company in Dubai can be very helpful. Your appliance is vulnerable to mold growth, blockages, and contaminations. Our top-notch, eco-friendly, and affordable AC Duct Cleaning Services can help you achieve better air quality, improve HVAC performance, and enjoy better health.

Your AC Requires Shasar Tech Professional AC Cleaning

  • You notice an inadequate airflow that has been caused due to any blockage within the AC system 
  • Your AC’s cooling efficiency has significantly decreased, and you feel uncomfortable due to warm and humid air. 
  • An improper AC cooling cycle may also require professional consultation 
  • Any leakage from your AC unit 
  • If you notice high humidity levels indoors after you switch on the AC 
  • A foul odor emerges from the AC, and you experience breathing issues and other allergies.

Our Approach

Shasar Tech has a highly qualified team of AC technicians who are dedicated to winning customer trust through offering top-quality services. We offer a comprehensive range of services for AC Duct Cleaning Dubai that includes AC repair, maintenance, replacement, and other related services. Our experience shows that DIY maintenance of AC results in an overall reduction in appliance efficiency and lifespan. Hence, our vent cleaning services are best to control the possible mold and bacterial growth. You can hire our pro AC inspection services to avoid any future expensive AC issues. Our experts use advanced equipment and innovative techniques to service any brand, type, size, and model AC, and ensure satisfactory outcomes. 

What are The Benefits of Shasar Tech Professional AC Duct Cleaning Services?

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Improved Air Flow

Our professionals will clean the AC coil to remove any dirt, filth, or debris, and decontaminate it to ensure improved airflow and fresh air circulation.

better health

Better Health

Our professional duct cleaning services include a deep cleaning of AC filters that will improve air quality, and eliminate allergens and pollutants, hence ensuring better health of the people exposed.


Fresh Smelling Air

Our AC Coil Cleaning Dubai helps remove any blockages and contaminants that may cause bad odors, and trigger different health issues.

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Clean Environment

At Shasar Tech, we understand that a clean environment is critical to good health and well-being. Our professional AC services ensure pure and fresh air with regulated humidity levels.

reduce cost

Reduced Power Supply Bills

Our AC duct cleaning services help improve your AC efficiency which regulates power supply bills.

title_shape_2Why Choosing Us

At Shasar Tech, we strive to surpass our customer’s needs by providing great value through our professional AC Repair & Installation Services in Dubai.

Prompt Services

Our dedicated team immediately responds to customer requests and performs the AC maintenance job in a short time to save customers time.

Certified Technicians

At Shasar Tech, we have certified AC technicians with vast experience, who can expertly perform the job.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With years of experience, our experts recommend highly cost-effective AC repair and maintenance solutions that will prevent future breakdowns.

Quality Guaranteed

At Shasar Tech, we have a policy of using genuine AC components for long-lasting results.


We provide a service warranty of three months to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Market-Leading Brands

We provide professional AC services for all market-leading brands.


At Shasar Tech, we have a policy of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction through our world-class and affordable AC cleaning services. We use cutting-edge technologies and the safest methods for duct cleaning services. Customers love us for hassle-free procedures, convenience, the best prices, high-quality standards, and prompt services.

Its very simple to check if your AC has been properly cleaned after our air duct cleaning services. You will require a torch to analyze the difference before and after the AC has been cleaned. Our technicians usually show you before and after images, and differences in AC functioning for your satisfaction.

We never leave a mess after our AC services; we use professional cleaning methods to ensure everything is clean and tidy before our team leaves.

Though, we have standard AC cleaning methods, still the time required for AC cleaning services varies depending on the room size, work complexity, and number of technicians engaged. On average one AC may require 30 mins to 1 hour for professional cleaning.

On average, a Dubai resident must hire professional AC cleaning services every six months to experience flawless performance.