Glass Services

Glass Service

Shasar Tech offers the best glass installation services in Dubai. We have a highly talented, experienced, and skilled team of interior designers, technicians, and fabricators who are committed to offering their best. They use their intuition to make your visions a reality. Our glass replacement services and window glass repair Dubai are best to revamp your residential and commercial spaces.

Glass Installation Services

Shasar Tech offers wide-ranging and world-class glass installation services that include custom designing, glass repair, and installation services for residential and commercial spaces. 


Glass Partitions

If you love interior designing, you can trust Shasar Tech’s glass installation experts to create the safest, most appealing, and most functional glass partition space.


Glass Showers

Shasar Tech’s premium glass shower installation services can elevate your bath experience by providing you an aesthetically appealing, and functional bathroom space.


Glass Staircase

Glass staircases are redefining architectural elegance by creating modern and charming indoor spaces. Our highly professional glass repair services and glass installation services are best for glass staircase installation.


Glass Handrail

Shasar Tech’s glass handrail installation services promise complete safety and unparalleled aesthetic appeal that will take your interiors to the next level.


Bathroom Mirrors

Shasar Tech team can professionally manage all types of bathroom mirror installation services offering you peace of mind through quality services.

swimming pool

Glass Fence for Swimming Pools

You can enhance the safety and appeal of your architectural designs by hiring our experts for glass fence installation services.


Glass Door Installation

Glass doors are trending, creating a perfect example of aesthetic beauty and space functionality. Shasar Tech’s experts have extensive experience in glass door installation services which can give a perfect look to any space.

title_shape_2Why Choosing Us

At Shasar Tech, we strive to surpass our customer’s needs by providing great value through our professional Glass services in Dubai.

Top-notch Services

As a leading glass installation company, Shasar Tech provides top-notch glass installation services for homeowners, commercial owners, and other clients. We use our skills, knowledge, and innovation to deliver incredible outcomes.


Shasar Tech has decades of industry experience which sets us apart from others. Our top-quality and comprehensive range of glass repair services is a reflection of our commitment to excellence.

Best Prices

As the best glass repair company, Shasar Tech offers the best prices to its clients for long-term work relationships.

Certified Professionals

Shasar Tech has a team of highly certified glass installation experts who ensure lifetime warranty of the work.


Yes, we accept glass installation service contracts. Whether you are building or revamping your residential or commercial spaces, Shasar Tech’s extensive range of glass installation services can elevate your property value.

We offer a huge range of glass installation services that include the repair and installation of glass windows and doors, glass partitions in residential and commercial spaces, glass shower installation, glass staircases, glass door windows, glass swimming pool fences, and glass handrails.

Shasar Tech’s expert team ensures the highest safety for its clients by following industry safety standards. We only hire experienced glass installation technicians who are then trained according to our company protocols.